TAU BUILDERS: Orlando Shell Builders

Orlando Shell Builders and Tenant Contracting | TAU BUILDERS: Retail, Offices, Light to Heavy Industrial Shell and Core Construction

shell building is a structure with empty spaces that have not yet been classified with a known tenant. Shell buildings are typically retail stores, offices, or a mixture of light to heavy industrial. They are usually constructed of concrete reinforced with steel mesh. Separate Tenant Improvement permits will be required for each tenant.

The tenant in a shell lease, for example, might undertake considerable portions of the construction by installing ceilings, interior walls, lighting, plumbing, elevators, wiring and heating, and ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems. … A “cold shell” is a space that has no furnishings, infrastructure, heat or plumbing.

tenant buildout includes adding walls, doors, outlets, cabinets, and anything else that constructed in the rental space. In office leases, the lease usually requires that the landlord pay the cost of the tenant’s buildout.

TAU BUILDERS: Orlando Shell Builders

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